Collection: Infant Onesie Cup Set

A onesie with a custom design paired with a sippy cup or flip cup is the ultimate ensemble for infants or toddlers, combining comfort, style, and functionality in one adorable package.

The onesie itself boasts a personalized design, featuring custom artwork, text, or graphics chosen specifically for the wearer. This design can reflect the child's name, interests, or favorite characters, ensuring that they stand out in style. The onesie is typically made from soft, breathable materials like cotton or fleece, ensuring comfort for the little one throughout the day.

What sets this ensemble apart is the addition of either a sippy cup or a flip cup, providing convenience and practicality for parents or caregivers. The sippy cup is designed with a spill-proof lid and easy-to-grip handles, perfect for transitioning from bottle to cup and minimizing messes during mealtime or playtime. On the other hand, the flip cup features a straw or spout that can be flipped open for drinking and securely closed to prevent spills when not in use.

Together, the onesie with a custom design and the accompanying sippy cup or flip cup create a coordinated and functional outfit for the child, whether they're at home, on the go, or attending a special event. It's a thoughtful and stylish choice that combines personalization with practicality, making it a favorite among both parents and little ones alike.